Happy Easter and/or Long Weekend


I hope everyone had a good long weekend no matter what you do or don’t celebrate.  I had a pretty relaxing weekend that was supposed to be way more productive then it actually was.  I had wanted to get some beer started that I have been saying I was going to start for a few weeks now and to rack a small batch of ginger wine that has finally finished fermenting.  Well that didn’t happen, but I did get a batch of sauerkraut started which takes all of maybe an hour, so I’m not sure what happened to the rest of my resolutions.  Yes I do, it was a Dexter Netflix marathon.  Wow what a horrible, horrible ending.  I won’t say anything more about it in case you haven’ seen it, but it was not the ending I had hoped for.

I was recently at a raw food restaurant in Belmont Village in Kitchener called Rawlicious and had some amazing quesadillas.  I made my own for dinner this evening, and although they were vegan, the tortilla shells were not raw, nor was the salsa.  For the first time I made my own tortilla shells and WOW what a difference!  If you haven’t had all corn flour tortillas you need to try them!  As you can see from the above photo, they were not a great texture and looked rather horrible, but they tasted amazing.  I filled them with a raw almond nut cheese and raw nut loaf patty from the Rawlicious cookbook (the restaurant sells their own cookbook), and spinach and salsa (made by me last Summer.  I forgot how much heat it had, it made my nose run) and avocado.  There were tons of nuts in there so it wasn’t exactly a low fat meal, but hey, it’s the long weekend.  Which is another reason to enjoy a few bottles of my favourite beer, Creemore lager.

I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend!

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