This weekend I attended my first “Murder Mystery Party”.  My second really, but this was the first one I got to be in, instead of just observing.  These parties are so much fun!  It was designed for exactly 8 people and my character was Connika Gothika; a millionaire, writer and goth.  The rest of the characters included a maid, chef, lawyer, lawyer in training, southern belle, alcoholic musician and a Vegas tart.  Everyone got into their roles and not a single person guessed the correct murderer.


It was this guy!


Our hostess with the mostess served us appetizers, sandwiches and an amazing homemade cake which I am still absolutely stuffed from.

I believe they said the game costs somewhere between $40 to $50,  needs exactly eight people and unfortunately can only be played with once .  There is only one scenario and no alternative endings or murderer.  It was a blast to play and a great group of people.


As I mentioned, my character was a goth woman and I wore the black dress, have the long black hair and thought I had put a TON of eye makeup on.  After seeing after photo’s I realize my makeup looks like a typical woman’s every day makeup.  Now I did have red lipstick on, but I must have ate it with the cake, as there is nothing left of it when I took this photo lol. I think I like this makeup look.  Maybe it should be my everyday look.  I don’t know if I can handle having that much mascara on my eyelashes, I was sitting here rubbing my eyes and smudging it and noticed I was trying to peel it off while writing this.  Maybe I should have gone to the party like that!  A much more convincing goth!  Anyway, I had to get up and wash my face off and now I feel a little more human again.  I did kind of like the way that looked.  Maybe I’ll be a makeup lover yet.

I hope everyone got a chance to get out and enjoy this beautiful weekend.  I hope it’s as beautiful where you are as it is here in Kitchener on this sunny beautiful day.


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