Tales From The Plot


Update:  My garden plot is now completely weeded (or as weeded as I feel like doing right now.  The edges could use a little work still), the earth churned up with a hoe (that hard rake thing… I think that’s  hoe) and some seeds have been planted.  Where the ground is wet I have planted peas and onions.  The dry patch in the middle is waiting for the end of May when I’ll pick up seedlings at the garden centers.  I want to put in two rows of tomatoes, a row of peppers (red and Hungarian hot peppers) and then carrots, cauliflower, spinach, kale and whatever else I can think of.  Ground cherries would be awesome.  I love love love me some ground cherries!

potato sack combo potato combo

I am also giving potatoes a shot and just planted the potato sack today.  I got the sack from Home Hardware for $9.99 and the potatoes I am just using what I bought from the grocery store that was leftover.  They are all organic except for the purple ones.  Purple potatoes!!!  How cool is that!?  They were hilarious cooked and mashed.  I had a pile of purple mashed potatoes to eat and I loved it.  I hope I grow a ton.

I have never had a garden or a potato sack before and I am so excited to see what happens.  Maybe the curse of my black thumb will end (probably if it rains a decent amount and waters everything for me).  Enjoy your warm sunny day and stay well!


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