Bocce Ball And Tales From The Plot


It was my first time playing bocce ball and I think I kicked butt for a first timer!  Our court was at Soper Park in Cambridge.  I’ve heard that park can be a little seedy, but there were lots of children swimming in the river and it seemed pretty laid back when we were there.  We played on a bumpy green strip that ran between the river and a path.

DSC01415My sweet companion was kind hearted enough to fish all the stray balls (all mine) out of the river.  I think we played for a couple hours and then explored a little more of the park.

DSC01420 DSC01414

One of the simple things in life that I truly love is walking over a bridge that crosses water.  More specifically, I love to stand in the middle and gaze down at the water looking for water creatures and aquatic plants.  The willows in the park are so beautiful and gnarled.  I’m not sure what you call these growths on the trees… burls?  Is this what they make those beautiful bowls out of?  I love wooden bowls!  This was my favourite tree in the park.

DSC01417 There were lots of bridges, a couple of them had tunnels through them (fun!) with walkways (yay!).

DSC01431And of course what city tunnel would be complete without graffiti?  I guess this one stood out to me.

DSC01482As for the garden project, I may not be all that great of a farmer.  A lot of things are looking really wilted and I lost my swiss chard for sure.  The peppers seem to be doing okay and I tried caging one today.  Holy moly those things are hard to get into the ground!  I could only get them in there about half way.

I’ve started to meet more of my fellow gardener’s and they are becoming familiar faces.  They told me the unfortunate news that most of the veggies get swiped out of there every year.  That is a shame since a lot of hard work and money go into these gardens.  The plot itself is very cheap to rent, but buying the plants and fertilizers can get really pricy.  If my veggies go missing I might stick to growing potatoes at my home.  Which so far, not to brag (yeah I’m bragging), I seem to be an AWESOME potato farmer!  Ahhh and I just realized I forgot to pick up a bag of soil on my way home for said potatoes.  NUTS!  Ah well, there is always another day for that.

Be well,


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