Day One Of The 22 Day Challenge

Day one of the 22 Day Challenge:  155lbs

I have a fad diet addiction, like a serious problem.  The last one I recently just got off of, I had gained 5lbs.  I swore I was done with them and then a friend told me to check out the 22 Day Challenge and of course I did.  And now I must do this.  It’s not a diet, but a suggested meal plan.  I think they basically want you to challenge yourself to 22 days of veganism.  I am going to follow their meal plan (unless I go out for dinner, then I’m likely going to eat something super high in calories and fattening.  I’ll be likely having a beer or two as well) and hope I drop some weight in the next 22 days.

It is the end of day one and I chose a Saturday to start.  I just finished the last meal and feeling thirsty.  I rarely get thirsty and I’ve drank a lot more then I usually do in a day.  I started off the day with a tall glass of fresh squeezed lemonade sweetened with stevia and had two big mugs of tea.  I’ve just brewed myself another mug of tea (nettle leaf) and waiting for it to cool enough to start drinking it.  I’m surprised I’ve drank this much.  I am horrible for hydrating myself.


This is what I’ve ate for the day.  The chia seed pudding was AWESOME!!  I’ve made it before, but realized I’d never let it sit long enough.  I only let it sit for about 15 minutes and you are actually supposed to leave it sit for at least an hour.  I think mine sat for 1 1/2 hours and that’s how I am going to continue to make it.  So good!!!  Breakfast was lemonade, tea and the chia seed pudding, lunch steamed potato and a cabbage salad topped with apples and hemp seeds and dressed in tahini dressing.  I put some of the dressing on the potatoes, plain potatoes are so boring.  The afternoon snack was hemp seed hummus and that was also super amazing.  I ate double the recommended serving, it was so good!  I kept scooping spoons of it out of the food processor.  I wanted to eat the whole thing.  I ate it with a few stalks of celery.  Dinner was a black bean and quinoa salad that was okay and I had it with the other mug of tea.  I was kind of hungry through the day except after lunch when I was super stuffed.  I added everything I ate for the day up on cronometer and the calorie count was lower then I usually eat in a day.

Screenshot (7)

Normally I end up eating around 2000 calories a day (a lot of times it’s 2500 because of my love of beer and wine) and I am hoping this kicks butt for weight loss.  I realized when I updated my cronometer profile that I had gained 10lbs from the last time I had updated!!!  EEP!!!!  No wonder my clothes aren’t looking all that great lately!  There are a bunch of dresses in my closet I can’t wear right now and some of my pants are too tight!  This blows!  Anyway, maybe I’m back on the right track again.

Wish me luck!


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