Day 2 Of The 22 Day Vegan Challenge

Day 2:  152.2lbs

Now I’m not going to get crazy excited because I know there is no way I lost over 2lbs in a day.  I must have gotten rid of some retained fluid from drinking mostly beer and wine over the last few months.  And now that I think about it, I really can’t say the Starch Solution didn’t work for me as I doubt you are supposed to be drinking a bottle of beer or glass or two of wine each evening… My bad.


Here is what I ate for the day minus a peach and one brazil nut that I didn’t take a photo of.  I also take a kelp supplement a couple times during the week as I eat Himalayan sea salt and don’t get the iodine.  My calories were also closer to 1600 yesterday as I realized after posting my blog post that I forgot the dessert which was dark chocolate!  I had a couple squares of the Heidi brand 75% and it was YUM.

Today I had a smoothie for breakfast which I loved.  It was a bit of almond butter, raw sun warrior protein powder, spinach, almond milk and a frozen banana.  Lunch was a wrap with a side salad (it said small, but I made it a big salad.  I liked the taste of the wrap, but as you can see that tortilla shell was horrible.  It was gluten free and super crumbly.  It fell apart and was hard to eat.  The snack of the day was a vegan snack bar I found at the grocery store and I liked it okay.  Dinner was really good too.  It was a zucchini noodle pasta dish with steamed sweet potatoe and some veggies.  I was thinking about getting the Vegetti which is a vegetable spiralizer, but I need to keep my kitchen gadgets down to a minimum and a plain old grater works just fine.  I will save myself the drawer space and skip it.  The recipe called for only half an avocado and I love avocado so much I was just going to eat the other half which is why it’s pictured above.  I was so stuffed there was no way I could eat the other half and I am saving it for day 4 when it goes into a smoothie recipe.  The “pasta” was flavoured with balsamic vinaigrette, fresh basil and hemp seed “Parmesan” which is made of hemp seeds, nutritional yeast and a pinch of salt.  I really loved it and I would make that again.  Dessert was raw brownie bites which is chocolate, nuts and dates blended together.  I was supposed to use walnuts, but I forgot to buy them so I used almonds instead.  They were good, but I wish I got to try them with the walnuts instead.  I think they would have been amazing.  I drank a small glass of lemonade in the morning (fresh squeezed with stevia) and a couple glasses of tea throughout the day.

This challenge is pretty awesome.  I’m only on day 2 and I’ve already found a couple recipes for meals that I will definitely be making again.  The chia seed pudding and the zucchini pasta dish for sure.  I’ve tried other zucchini pasta dishes and I didn’t really like them very much.  This one was a for sure win.

Be well!


P.s.  Here is the link for the challenge and my cronometer stats for the day:

Screenshot (8)

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