Day 4 Of The 22 Day Vegan Challege

Day 4: 149.4lbs Whaaaaaat?

So this diet seems to be working out for me, 4 and some pounds lost in three days!  I am guessing it’s also a result of giving up the hoards of beer I have been drinking as well.  It was pretty awesome to see under 150lbs on the scale again.  I unfortunately didn’t finish eating my dinner, which was a pretty large bowl of pasta until 11:40pm which is when I started to write this post and I am sure the scale will not be so kind tomorrow.

I did one of my twice weekly exercise classes today a few hours ago and my whole body is aching all over.  It must have been a good one!  So far the meal plan hasn’t called for any leftovers and with things to do after work like an exercise class and a dog to walk, it gets late fast.  I don’t use canned beans (they taste tinny and I like dried for storage and cost effectiveness) and that can make cooking take forever.  I’m also a horrible cook and have no idea how to properly time things.

22 dvc day 4

Today’s meal plan had it’s ups and downs.  The breakfast was a vegan bar and fruit salad.  I love love love sweet, dark cherries and mango.  I thawed them over night and they were soo good.  The bar was okay.  Lunch was just meh, but then again I don’t have a big love for raw kale.  Kale cooked in soups is my way of loving the kale.  Raw kale is just thick and not all that good.  It is not easy to eat kale fast and I only managed to get half the salad down during the lunch hour.  I ate the other half later at work.  The snack was also kind of blah to me too.  It was just raisins and almonds.   I had an overwhelming urge to eat when I got home between work and class and I ate something not on the list.  It was the second half of an avocado from day 2 I think.  I also had 1/4 of a pear at work that someone was sharing.  The dinner (although the photo doesn’t make it look all that appetizing) was pretty good.  It was eggplant and zucchini pasta sauce with beans.  The pasta noodles were rice noodles I picked up at the store.  I definitely prefer corn or wheat flour over these, but it was still really good and I just finished eating it now.  I was hungry after I got home from class so again I ended up eating my dessert first.  They were the raw macaroon bites and holy amazeballs they were freaking good!  They are packed with sooo much fat though and all I wanted to to was chow down and eat all 15 of them (I only ate the suggested two).

Screenshot (10)

As you can see by my CRON-o-meter stats I had a lot of calories today and I am not feeling good at all about it.  I am really regretting the avocado and kind of wish I skipped the snack for the day.  Maybe low calories isn’t what this is all about.  Maybe day 4 just happens to be a higher calorie day.  Maybe it’s all going to vary.  I will find out day by day.  Maybe I’m just tired and cranky pants. I am uneasy about the amount of fat in this diet, but so far it seems to have been working out okay.

Sleep well!


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