What’s Your Version Of The After Work Bra Removal?


We all have that after work thing we do when we get home, or the weekend has arrived.  For some, it’s removing the bra, while others kick off the tighty whities.  Me, it’s a hair clip and head band.  I don’t want a single strand of hair to touch my face.  It’s a little odd, since most of the time I just leave my hair down.  This is usually a good indication I am not going to go anywhere else that evening and I am done for the day, almost a signal really.  It’s time to kick back and chillax (Do people still say that anymore, or is it just me?  Is there a new slang word for relax these days?  What are the kids saying these days?  And please please tell me it’s not cray cray anymore.  That makes me cringe.).  What is your quirky, after the day is done, comfort plan of action?

It’s Friday night, and I just got home from manipedis and shopping with a girlfriend, I’ve got my hair up (not a strand is touching my face), having some fresh squeezed lemonade, and getting ready to watch a movie on Netflix.  The movie is “Leprechaun:  Origins”, I started watching it last night and I am 24 minutes in.  I am pretty sure this is another one of the Leprechaun movies that Jennifer Anniston was in back in the day.  You know, the horror movie with the angry leprechaun that goes around slaughtering people while he searches for his gold?  But, since I still haven’t seen any leprechauns popping up yet, I can’t be sure…   I can’t remember my thoughts on these movies as it has been so long since I’ve seen it, and I don’t think Netflixers loved this one.  I think they gave it one or two stars.  Meh, I’m going to hang out with the dog and watch it anyway.  Night folks!  Keep your hair up and your feet warm.

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