My First Vegan Cuts Box!!

I love of getting surprises in the mail.  I love writing old fashioned letters with fun stationery, reading letters from people and have a deep loathe of junk mail.  You can remove that insult to your mail box by inserting a “No junk mail please” (say please, someone had to haul that huge craptastic junk pile all the way to your box) sticker inside of your mail box where your carrier can see it.  I am so crazy excited and impatient to get a package when I order one, I can barely stand it.  Something even more fun…. when you don’t know what’s coming!

I just received my first Vegan Cuts beauty box today.  The box costs $19.99 and Canadians add on an extra $8 for shipping.  You get 4-7 mystery vegan samples in each delivery.  This is a monthly box and will ship out once a month automatically unless you cancel.  Everything you get is vegan and cruelty free and a surprise each time!  Some people would hate that surprise factor, but I think it’s all part of the fun.  It only took 6 days to get here, and that’s not bad for an international package (I’ve had things tie up in customs for over a month before) and there were no duty fees.  Here is the link for the Vegan Cuts website: and I will post a video of all that I got in the June 2015 box down below.

They also have a snack box and OMFG I want the snack box, but that is the last thing in the world I need right now.  I sort of went to town on snacks lately and it’s starting to show.  My pants have gotten a little tighter!   I say it every week, but it’s time to get the diet back in order.

Be well and write someone you love (or at least tolerate) an old fashioned, hand written letter.


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