Kayaking Puslinch Lake


I finally brought out the Blue Bomber after an all too long hiatus.  I am not sure why I didn’t get out paddling last year.  A lot of it was a combination of timing and crappy weather.  Last weekend was the first time it really felt like Summer in the Kitchener/Waterloo area and to celebrate I went kayaking with a friend of mine.  We went to Puschlinc Lake located just outside of Cambridge.  I believe it is Canada’s largest kettle lake (it’s a tiny lake despite that feat).  It’s great for kayaking but I think it would be really dangerous to swim in.  It is very shallow, with a slimy, sinky bottom and tons and tons of reeds.

DSC00021 DSC00009 DSC00005

There were lots of great things to look at paddling.  I got close enough to that baby turtle I could have picked it up; I didn’t.  The lake was full of lily pads, turtles and dragon flies.  There were lots of little water beetles that would hitch a ride on the boat occasionally as well.  I saw some little tiny fishies, but nothing bigger than minnow sized.  We weren’t sure what that chimney like thing was.  It was just standing there by itself near the edge of the water.  It looked like a chimney from an old house that was the last thing standing.  My guess is they have bonfires in it; which would be pretty cool.  For such a tiny lake, every house along it had a motor boat (this is a tiny tiny lake and we were surprised about that) and a couple of homes even had small planes.

DSC00031 DSC00028

Once we were finished paddling we stopped of at the Old Marina Restaurant and had the most amazing view of the lake while we ate.  If you go there get the veranda seating.  I didn’t overly like the Pico De Gallo appetizer I ordered for dinner, but I really liked the Old Marina Red Ale I had.  That was the first time I’ve heard of this beer and it was good.  I think they are known for their burgers (they have a veggie burger as well, but I am unsure if it would be vegan even without the mayo).


It was a good day and a good weekend.  I hope you all got to get out and enjoy it.


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