Golfing In Tavistock


I went golfing for the second time in my life yesterday and it was loads of fun.  I went with a friend of mine (9 holes for $16 after 4:00pm) to the Tavistock Golf Course in Tavistock Ontario.  The above photo is first walking onto the course at the first hole.

DSC00060 DSC00063

There is a nasty water trap on that first hole and I lost my ball to it.  I lost another ball to another water trap on hole 7 that I nicknamed the pond of doom!


This is from my best shot.  That was at T-off and it got so close! Sadly, it took me another three shots to get it in the hole, but I kicked butt there!


Alas, I may not be a natural golfer, but it was fun and I would do it again!  Maybe with a more brag worthy score sheet next time! 😉

Here is a video of us golfing: 

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