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Online Store Review: www.thriftbooks.com Too Good To Be True?


Recently I went to a popular chain book store to look for a book called Blender For Dummies.  It was $47 and some change in store.  While in that section I also found another book I wanted,WordPress Bible, which was $60 in store.  Being the broke, unfamous lady that I am, the price of these books was a little steep for me at the time and I decided to look for them online.  I found the online used bookstore http://www.thriftbooks.com.  I found both of those books for $4 and some change!  I read several reviews on this website and there were a LOT of complaints.  Things were taking too long to get there, bad condition, terrible shipping packaging, missing packages, books in horrible condition, and the like.  I was really nervous to order anything from there, but I really wanted these book and the price was fantastic.  Too good to be true?  While on that same site I found another three books I wanted and went ahead and placed an order.  All books ranged in price from $3.59 to $5.35 and were anywhere from acceptable condition to good condition (I think it goes up to excellent condition).  I ordered five books and the total came to $37.39 American, including shipping!  Most of the books came in a condition that I would have described as excellent (you could tell they were used, but still), except Joyland which had faded marks on the cover.  Blender for Dummies had a bent cover, but I think that was from the postman stuffing it into a postal box that was half the size of the book.  I had a hard time getting it out!  The only complaints I have, are that one of the packages came packaged terribly


and that there was a $0.50 sticker on the 11/22/63 book (I paid $5.35 and could have done without seeing it).

How this site seems to work is that they are connected with several American used book stores.  My order came from four different places.   Would I recommend shopping there?  Yes, definitely from the experience I had.  I was very happy.  Take it with a grain of salt though, as I previously mentioned this online store has had numerous complaints against it.  I think that is because it depends on the store the actual books are being mailed out from.  I must have had all good ones.  A lot of the complainers said their money was refunded.  I wouldn’t count on this website if you wanted a book in phenomenal condition, but all in all I would definitely order from there again.  Yes, yes and yes.