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Plants… Can’t Get Enough Of Them


I love plants, like really love them.  If greenhouses were available for housing here in Ontario, I would live in one (they aren’t, but maybe one day.  I can only hope).  Everytime I visit a greenhouse, or butterfly conservatory, I feel a zen-like calm come over me.  I’m happy and the world slows down, just a little bit.



my most recent foray to the geenhouse


The plants I love the most I have grown from a seed: lemon tree, papaya tree, and pineapple.  I had a jackfruit too, but it didn’t make it (I will be trying that one again).


I plan on adding an avocado tree to the family, but haven’t had a seed sprout roots yet, which seems odd, but I will keep trying with every avocado I bring home (every seed I bring home really).  I love trying to sprout seeds and getting a cutting started.


What are some of your favourite things to grow?