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P.O Box Surprises, Knitting, Martinis and Weight Watchers (again)

DSC00316It was an awesome day at the post office today.  I found this unexpected package waiting for me.  I LOVE getting surprises in the mail!  So sweet and thoughtful!  It made my day.  To the lovely lady out east, thank you, thank you, thank you!


I’ve taken up knitting again.  I saw this chunky yarn at the store on a cold day and I knew it was meant to be a scarf.  The greatest thing ever about chunky wool is how fast it knits up.  I managed to double the length while watching a movie on Netflix.  The pattern is just one I thought up on my own which it just four rows of knitting and then ten rows of knitting and purling, while keeping the four stitches on each end knit with no purling.  I was hoping the four rows of straight knitting would keep it from curling, but it still curls.  I will iron it out once I am finished.  We are expecting some snow Saturday and Sunday (yayyy!  That is not sarcasm folks, I  want me some snow!).  I want to finish the scarf before Sunday as I am going for a walk along one of my favourite paths in Kitchener(and maybe some geocaching!).  I lost my favourite scarf last year and in need of one.  A scarf is a Winter necessity, along with long johns, a hood and warm mittens.

I am drinking my second martini of the night (raspberry vodka, casis and soda water with a couple black berries floating in it).  It’s okay, but it needs work.  I want it sweeter.  Maybe grenadine?  Apparently I like my martinis sweet as candy and loaded with sugar.  I have until this weekend to get the martini phase out of my system; starting Monday I am revisiting Weight Watchers.  It really does work for me, but I usually end up screwing it up because I get sick of counting points and being prone to binging, I’ll screw it up and then never get myself back on the wagon.  I have managed to gain around 5-7lbs and my clothes aren’t fitting properly anymore.  Enough is enough.  Maybe I will finally stick with it this time?  Maybe that flattering (err WAS flattering) red Ralph Lauren will be looking fab again by the holidays!  Wish me luck!


Pug Sitting

I have a shadow, it’s a pug.  He is tiny, adorable, and likes to walk at my heels.  This little loud mouth likes to follow me around, including when I’m having a bath (there is not a lot of privacy in this home lol).


Tanuki has never spent longer then a day with another dog and I am not sure she knows what to make of it.  She is pretty intimidated by this tiny little creature (that’s my brave baby), but they pretty much ignore each other all day long.  I am going to have report to my little visitor’s fur parent that he likes tofu and noodles in squash sauce 😀

Be well and have a happy weekend!

Jalazepuss The Snapping Turtle


It’s the long weekend!  At least here in Canada it is, for Thanksgiving.  I think American’s have theirs at a later date, maybe sometime in November? It’s the first day of the long weekend and I spent a lazy morning hanging out with my dog and watching Netflix.  Brunch was a monster bowl of oatmeal with maple syrup, defatted peanut butter powder and an apple.  I have mixed feelings about defatted peanut butter.  I think things should stay in their natural whole state, but low fat peanut butter… yes please!  What are your thoughts on it?  I am iffy and leaning towards almond butter ground from whole almonds in my food processor.  I forgot steel cut oats make way bigger portions than the rolled ones, so my bowl of oatmeal was gigantic.  The dog was happy, she got my leftovers.


The afternoon was a round of golf with my besty.  She spotted this unfortunate infant snapping turtle that had managed to make its way onto the green.  It is Fall now here in Canada and all our turtles are hibernating.  It was a warm sunny day and possibly the warmer air managed to wake this poor little turtle.  It was too sluggish from the cold to do much and could barely move.  We tried to put him back in the pond to see if it would be able to swim down and redig itself back into the mud, but it just floated there not moving.  I took the turtle home and it has perked up a lot.  I fed it some turtle food, but I think it’s too nervous and scared to eat.  I hope it survives the weekend.  I might call a couple wild life rescue agencies on Tuesday and see what they advise.  I am not sure I want to pet sit a snapping turtle for the next six months until it’s warm enough to put it back in a pond!  I named it Jalazepuss after the bully in one of C.K. Lewis’s stand up comedy bits.  This turtle is anything but a bully though.  It hasn’t tried to bite once.

Apple Picking Day And Other Shenanigans


Last weekend I did something I look forward to every year; apple picking!  I went with my two best friends to Myer’s Farm ( http://www.myersapples.com/ ) out in the Hamilton area.  The weather, although not sunny was pretty nice and it was a good day.  I got my usual HUGE haul of apples.  I picked the bag you see in the above photo which was a mix of mutsu, courtland, spartan and empire.  My favourite apples of all time are not available for pick your own there so I also bought a big bag of honey crisp apples inside their store.  I mostly just eat the apples as they are but I am feeling apple tarts this season, or at the very least an apple crisp!  Yum!

masks IMG_20151004_182047692

After apple picking we ended up going out for dinner at Beertown (love the veggie burger!) and then ended up in Party City looking through the Halloween section (good times had by all).


Usually I don’t buy these child like things, but I loved this hat.  It might end up being my ski hat, but then again I have a pair of heart shaped fluffy ear muffs that I also adore.  The inner child is strong in this one.


We stopped by my friend’s garden along the way and I had my usual wander around and snack session (concord grapes and raspberries) and saw these beautiful black chili peppers.  I have never seen black chili peppers before!

Be well

Kayaking Puslinch Lake


I finally brought out the Blue Bomber after an all too long hiatus.  I am not sure why I didn’t get out paddling last year.  A lot of it was a combination of timing and crappy weather.  Last weekend was the first time it really felt like Summer in the Kitchener/Waterloo area and to celebrate I went kayaking with a friend of mine.  We went to Puschlinc Lake located just outside of Cambridge.  I believe it is Canada’s largest kettle lake (it’s a tiny lake despite that feat).  It’s great for kayaking but I think it would be really dangerous to swim in.  It is very shallow, with a slimy, sinky bottom and tons and tons of reeds.

DSC00021 DSC00009 DSC00005

There were lots of great things to look at paddling.  I got close enough to that baby turtle I could have picked it up; I didn’t.  The lake was full of lily pads, turtles and dragon flies.  There were lots of little water beetles that would hitch a ride on the boat occasionally as well.  I saw some little tiny fishies, but nothing bigger than minnow sized.  We weren’t sure what that chimney like thing was.  It was just standing there by itself near the edge of the water.  It looked like a chimney from an old house that was the last thing standing.  My guess is they have bonfires in it; which would be pretty cool.  For such a tiny lake, every house along it had a motor boat (this is a tiny tiny lake and we were surprised about that) and a couple of homes even had small planes.

DSC00031 DSC00028

Once we were finished paddling we stopped of at the Old Marina Restaurant and had the most amazing view of the lake while we ate.  If you go there get the veranda seating.  I didn’t overly like the Pico De Gallo appetizer I ordered for dinner, but I really liked the Old Marina Red Ale I had.  That was the first time I’ve heard of this beer and it was good.  I think they are known for their burgers (they have a veggie burger as well, but I am unsure if it would be vegan even without the mayo).


It was a good day and a good weekend.  I hope you all got to get out and enjoy it.


What’s Your Version Of The After Work Bra Removal?


We all have that after work thing we do when we get home, or the weekend has arrived.  For some, it’s removing the bra, while others kick off the tighty whities.  Me, it’s a hair clip and head band.  I don’t want a single strand of hair to touch my face.  It’s a little odd, since most of the time I just leave my hair down.  This is usually a good indication I am not going to go anywhere else that evening and I am done for the day, almost a signal really.  It’s time to kick back and chillax (Do people still say that anymore, or is it just me?  Is there a new slang word for relax these days?  What are the kids saying these days?  And please please tell me it’s not cray cray anymore.  That makes me cringe.).  What is your quirky, after the day is done, comfort plan of action?

It’s Friday night, and I just got home from manipedis and shopping with a girlfriend, I’ve got my hair up (not a strand is touching my face), having some fresh squeezed lemonade, and getting ready to watch a movie on Netflix.  The movie is “Leprechaun:  Origins”, I started watching it last night and I am 24 minutes in.  I am pretty sure this is another one of the Leprechaun movies that Jennifer Anniston was in back in the day.  You know, the horror movie with the angry leprechaun that goes around slaughtering people while he searches for his gold?  But, since I still haven’t seen any leprechauns popping up yet, I can’t be sure…   I can’t remember my thoughts on these movies as it has been so long since I’ve seen it, and I don’t think Netflixers loved this one.  I think they gave it one or two stars.  Meh, I’m going to hang out with the dog and watch it anyway.  Night folks!  Keep your hair up and your feet warm.

New Toys, Picnics, and Ruins


I did something I never thought I would do…  I bought a bicycle, and I freaking LOVE it!  I found this little darling on Kijiji for a completely reasonable $50.  I haven’t been on a bicycle since I was a teen and although it was a little hard at first I picked it up again super fast.


For the maiden voyage I wanted to make it a picnic.  The bike actually holds quite a bit.  I had a full bottle of wine, 2 large bottles of water, a large glass wine glass, picnic blanket, a small full back pack, a light jacket, a couple cloth napkins, a corker, and snacks.  I was really scared before I started because with everything piled in there it was heavy and I was worried about tipping over.  It turned out that wasn’t a worry and I will load that bad boy up again anytime for another picnic.  I still don’t have a name for it yet.  I need one…  I name everything.

DSC01602 DSC01608

We went on the trail that runs from Cambridge to Paris and the plan was to go all the way to Paris, but we only made it as far as Glen Morris and that was okay.  The path is really busy and that freaked me out a little at the start until I got comfortable and wasn’t afraid of smashing into anybody anymore.  For the first km I kept swerving towards the trees and having to put my feet down.  After the first few kms I was doing okay.  We went about 8km and it took about 1 1/2 hours.  We were searching for the German wool mill ruins, but ended up missing them completely on the way there.  We found a great spot on the river to stop and have the picnic.  Of course I had wine with me and the maiden voyage was toasted with one of my homemade bottles of wine (I ended up falling off the no alcohol and 22 Day Vegan Challenge band wagon.  I’ll update that in another post).  It was a gorgeous spot to stop and we spent about an hour there.  I was so mellow and relaxed out there.

DSC01611 DSC01612 DSC01635

We met some people along the trail who told us where to look for the mill.  Apparently, this is a popular spot for wedding photo shots and I can believe that.  There was an engagement photo shoot going on when we finally found it.  We spotted it on the way back and I have no idea how we missed it.  The building was HUGE and very close to the trail.  They were really pretty to explore and then it was time to go back.  It only took about 30 minutes to get back.  I guess it doesn’t take long to relearn how to ride a bike.

I admit I always thought cycling was a little on the wimpy side and not much of a work out.  I mean you are sitting down the whole time!  Well I was wrong.  My legs were aching a little bit and although I didn’t hurt the next day, my legs didn’t have a lot of get go and felt a little sluggish.  I can see how people get super fit on these things.  My poor butt though.   It hurts a lot today.  I think I might have to get one of those gel seat covers.  A longer ride and I think I would be doomed!

picnic basket

I can’t wait until I get to go again!  I am in love with this picnic basket and I want one just like it!  I want to picnic in style and comfort lol..

Peace out.