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Apple Picking Day And Other Shenanigans


Last weekend I did something I look forward to every year; apple picking!  I went with my two best friends to Myer’s Farm ( http://www.myersapples.com/ ) out in the Hamilton area.  The weather, although not sunny was pretty nice and it was a good day.  I got my usual HUGE haul of apples.  I picked the bag you see in the above photo which was a mix of mutsu, courtland, spartan and empire.  My favourite apples of all time are not available for pick your own there so I also bought a big bag of honey crisp apples inside their store.  I mostly just eat the apples as they are but I am feeling apple tarts this season, or at the very least an apple crisp!  Yum!

masks IMG_20151004_182047692

After apple picking we ended up going out for dinner at Beertown (love the veggie burger!) and then ended up in Party City looking through the Halloween section (good times had by all).


Usually I don’t buy these child like things, but I loved this hat.  It might end up being my ski hat, but then again I have a pair of heart shaped fluffy ear muffs that I also adore.  The inner child is strong in this one.


We stopped by my friend’s garden along the way and I had my usual wander around and snack session (concord grapes and raspberries) and saw these beautiful black chili peppers.  I have never seen black chili peppers before!

Be well