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Tales From The Plot… The Garden Plot That Is…


So I tried out this garden thing at one of Kitchener’s community garden plots and it turns out I am not the urban farmer I always thought I would be.  It turns out I am a tad neglectful.  I am glad I put straw down because I’ve only weeded the plot 3 times and I’ve only watered it about 7 times.  I have been pretty lucky as it rained a lot and I’ve even managed to get some delicious produce out of it with minimal effort.  The above photo is today’s tomato haul and as you can see I turned it into salsa, which I am eating right now and can I say YUM!.  I just picked them today and there was quite a lot.  It filled up the whole mixing bowl and weighed almost 3kg.


Kale also grew really well under my seriously neglectful conditions and peas too.  I have an eggplant in there with lots of flowers, but no eggplant yet and it didn’t get very big.  My cauliflower is seriously gross and didn’t work at all and pepper plants I don’t think even reached a foot tall, but there are peppers growing them.

The Wins:

  • peas
  • tomatoes
  • kale
  • basil
  • stevia
  • onions

The Losses:

  • cauliflower
  • leafy greens
  • chives
  • ground cherries
  • peppers

I can’t remember anything else I’ve planted, but I’m sure I’m missing a bunch.  Whoever owned the plot the previous year had tomatoes in their garden and they have reseeded, grew and are producing tomatoes.  I think if I do the garden again next year it will be mostly peas and tomatoes (they seem to stand up well to my abuse).

Happy gardening,