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Jalazepuss The Snapping Turtle


It’s the long weekend!  At least here in Canada it is, for Thanksgiving.  I think American’s have theirs at a later date, maybe sometime in November? It’s the first day of the long weekend and I spent a lazy morning hanging out with my dog and watching Netflix.  Brunch was a monster bowl of oatmeal with maple syrup, defatted peanut butter powder and an apple.  I have mixed feelings about defatted peanut butter.  I think things should stay in their natural whole state, but low fat peanut butter… yes please!  What are your thoughts on it?  I am iffy and leaning towards almond butter ground from whole almonds in my food processor.  I forgot steel cut oats make way bigger portions than the rolled ones, so my bowl of oatmeal was gigantic.  The dog was happy, she got my leftovers.


The afternoon was a round of golf with my besty.  She spotted this unfortunate infant snapping turtle that had managed to make its way onto the green.  It is Fall now here in Canada and all our turtles are hibernating.  It was a warm sunny day and possibly the warmer air managed to wake this poor little turtle.  It was too sluggish from the cold to do much and could barely move.  We tried to put him back in the pond to see if it would be able to swim down and redig itself back into the mud, but it just floated there not moving.  I took the turtle home and it has perked up a lot.  I fed it some turtle food, but I think it’s too nervous and scared to eat.  I hope it survives the weekend.  I might call a couple wild life rescue agencies on Tuesday and see what they advise.  I am not sure I want to pet sit a snapping turtle for the next six months until it’s warm enough to put it back in a pond!  I named it Jalazepuss after the bully in one of C.K. Lewis’s stand up comedy bits.  This turtle is anything but a bully though.  It hasn’t tried to bite once.